Certified Online Biomagnetism Trainings 2021
Moises Goiz:
Biomagnetism Level 1 - August 16 - 27
Biomagnetism Level 2/ Bioenergetics
August 30 - September 8
Codica - September 13-24

Miami, Florida 2021
Dr. Miguel Ojeda MD

2015 Biomagnetism USA™ Seminars

               Biomagnetism: Interview w/ Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, english subtitles

Beware of the online Biomagnetism Courses, they are all illegal and a scam. I'm posting this as a request and a warning since some people have contacted me who have been scammed. These courses, if you look at their websites, do not have a contact name, address or number, you have no idea where to or whom you are sending the $$$. Some are even using Dr Isaac Goiz's name on their website to lure people into buying their products. They ask you to fill out a form and pay and they send you an outdated list of Biomagnetic Pairs which most of them are not even real. Once you pay, you can't track them down to get your money back, since you don't know who they are. You can not learn Biomagnetism online. It's 6 days of class and practice. Would you go to an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, doctor, massage therapist, etc...who has been trained by non certified teachers online? Always get trained by an experienced Certified Biomagnetism Instructor which many years of experience teaching as well as seeing patients.