2017 BiomagnetismUSA Seminars

Official website for Biomagnetism trainings in the USA with Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, who discovered the Biomagnetic Pair in 1988 and his son Moises Goiz.

1st Level Biomagnetism -
November 12-16, 2017
2nd Level Bioenergetics - November 18-21, 2017 w/ Moises Goiz in San Francisco, California

MicrobioEnergetics level 1 - June 11-15, 2018 w/ Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios MD in Miami, Florida.

1st Level Biomagnetism -June 18-22
, 2018
Biomagnetic Neuropsychology- June 25-27, 2018
2nd Level Bioenergetics - June 29-July 2 , 2018 w/ Moises Goiz in Miami Beach, Florida

For information on the MicrobioEnergetics Seminars w/ Dr Miguel Ojeda Rios MD, please visit: http://www.microbioenergeticsusa.com/

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Biomagnetic Neuropsychology June 25-27, 2017 w/ Moises Goiz in Miami, Florida

Well, this is indeed exciting!!!  Moises Goiz will be back for the third time in the US to teach  Biomagnetic Neuropsychology, an extraordinary original therapeutic  system. It involves the logical - mathematical reprogramming of our mental processes and it's neurological implementation through magnetism or electrobiomagnetism.

 Biomagnetic Neuropsychology is a new branch of Medical Biomagnetism, an extraordinary original therapeutic system which studies the behaviour and mental processes of individuals in relation to their neuro-electrical processes. Involves the logical-mathematical reprogramming of our mental processes and it's neurological implementation through magnetism or electrobiomagnetism. It is a Neuropsychological technique that helps us restore our emotional and psychological well-being. It combines both Psychotherapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to indirectly manipulate the neuronal electricity, allowing us to correct certain cognitive process known as traumas. It utilizes virtual scenarios with spatial locations in which the subconscious assigns specific concepts, with the purpose of studying them through kinesiological tests that will detect conflicts which are hidden from our consciousness. Once they are found, the cerebral cortex is stimulated with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation EMT, while at the same time bringing forth the conscious and unconscious information, connecting them both, which will leave an electric blueprint in the brain that will correct the mental programming. 
The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is applied with small magnets which are specifically designed for this technique or with a Biomagnetic Transcranial Stimulator specially designed by Moises Goiz for this technique

The course will held in Miami and it will be dictated in English with professional simultaneous translation into English through the use of headphones.
If interested in attending,  please fill out this Application Form, thanks!

$1250 if paid in full by April 15
$1350  from April 16- June 21
$1450 from June 22- 25
Repeat students: $650 if paid by June 14,  $750 after June 15
Class is limited to 40 students
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation  requests received by or before June 5, 2017 will incur in a $350 cancellation fee.
There will be no refunds if cancellation request is received on June 6, 2017 or any day after.
All cancellations requests must be submitted in writing by email to: SeminarsUSA@gmail.com
It may take 2-3 weeks to process the refund.

Fee includes: 3 full days of training,  a complete Manual with all the tools and information necessary to practice, a magnet and  2 daily coffee breaks w/ snacks.
 Class schedule:
June 25: 8am - 7pm
June 26-27: 9am - 7pm
Coffee breaks are daily 11-11:30am and 5-5:30pm.
Lunch break is 1:30-3:30pm

Hotel: The Seminar will be held at the Holiday Inn Miami Beach - Oceanfront Hotel in Florida.
With a group rate of only $119 a night which includes Wifi.
Once you have registered, we will send you the special code to reserve at this price.

 If you are driving please go here: Directions 
 Miami International (MIA) is only 11 miles away.
Uber has excellent fares from the airport, around $15: www.uber.com. If it's your first time using Uber, please use Promo Code "helenag414ue" for a $10 discount for your first Uber ride!.
You can also get a SuperShuttle, Info: http://www.supershuttle.com/