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Biomagnetism level 2 / Bioenergetics on August 30 - September 8, 2021 w/ Moises Goiz


Since it is still uncertain the ability to offer in person live Biomagnetism training right now, following Cities and State safety guidelines and regulations as well as travel restrictions, we are very happy to announce that we are offering Certified Live Online Biomagnetism Training which has been approved by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. The instructor is Moises Goiz.
We will be offering  Biomagnetism level 2 / Bioenergetics on August 30 - September 8, 2021 with Moises Goiz as the Instructor

*** The training modality will be mixed. You will have 28 pre-recorded lessons (available for 3 months so you can see them as many times as you want) and 4 live sessions about 2 hours each via Zoom  in which Moisés Goiz will review the lessons you have previously watched on each video and answer all the questions and doubts you have. In case you cannot join us for the live sessions, they will be  RECORDED and available for 3 months for you to watch at your convenience.

            An example of the Online Biomagnetism Trainings Pre - recorded videos and Live training

Biomagnetism Level 1 August 30 - August 8, 2021 - Fee- $995 /  Repeaters $495

If interested in attending, lease fill out this  Registration Form Bio 2

In order to attend Biomagnetism Level 2 / Bioenergetics, you need to complete  Biomagnetism Level 1 with a Goiz Certified Instructor
We will be using Zoom for the live training. You will need to download the Zoom app into your tablet, phone, Mac or PC.
 It is very important that you watch the online videos before each live session and that you watch each live session before the next one.
* List of topics below *

 The  ONLINE TRAINING  for Biomagnetism Level 2 / Bioenergetics will consist of:

 4 online Live sessions Masterclass with Moises Goiz
Each Live session is around 2 hours on the following dates: 
August 31, September 2, 6 , and 8  (1 day ahead in Australia)
The  time will be 10 am PST = California - 1pm EST Miami - 6 pm Ireland time - 7 pm Spain - 1 am Perth, Australia  (one day ahead difference)

Each Live Masterclass will be available for the next days after each session. A link will be sent to you for each session. If you are unable to attend the session live, it will be recorded and available for you to watch for  the following 3 days.

4 Training Modules  available at Moises Goiz website. You will be able to watch them at home at your own pace. There will be a set of 7 videos in each module for you to watch at home. These videos will be available at Moises Goiz website for you to watch for the following 3 months after the training is completed.

Training Module #1  -  7 Online Videos- watch anytime at your convenience before 1st Masterclass
1. The Biomagnetic Pair
2. Law of Cause and Effect
3. Law of Energy Conservation
4. Neuronal Pathways
5. Stress
6. Bioenergetics
7. Bioenergetics Session Demonstration

Training Module #2 - 7 Online Videos- watch anytime at your convenience before 2nd Masterclass
8. Complementary Pairs
9. Complementary Pairs
10. Complementary Pairs
11. Biomagnetic Pairs Level 2
12. Biomagnetic Pairs Level 2
13. Biomagnetic Pairs Level 2
14. Biomagnetic Pairs Level 2

Training Module #3 - 7 Online Videos- watch anytime at your convenience before  3rd Masterclass
16. Biomagnetic Pairs Level 2
17. Biomagnetic Pairs Level 2
18. Psycho -Emotional Biomagnetic Pairs 
19. Psycho -Emotional Biomagnetic Pairs 
20. Psycho -Emotional Biomagnetic Pairs 
21.Psycho -Emotional Biomagnetic Pairs 

Training Module #4 - 7 Online Videos- watch anytime at your convenience before 4th Masterclass
22. Radio Frequency and other phenomena
23. Quantum Mechanics
24. Quantum Entanglement 
25. Tele Bioenergetics by Substitution 
26. Tele Bioenergetics by Transmission
27. Recommendations on how to apply Tele Bioenergetics  
28. End of Training

A Bioenergetics / Biomagnetism Level 2 digital manual is included in the cost as well as ongoing online support through a Facebook private group page.

* The Certification for Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2  Online Training is issued by the Superior School of Medical Biomagnetism Isaac Goiz Duran and will be signed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD and Moises Goiz. This is the only worldwide Institution that issues the necessary official certifications for the accurate teachings and instruction of Medical Biomagnetism and which is in charge of regulating, certifying and disseminating the latest discoveries so everyone can obtain the benefits of Dr Isaac Goiz Duran's technique. 

* If interested in attending Biomagnetism Level 2 / Bioenergetics, please fill out this Registration Form
Make sure to fill in your correct full name and email.
As we receive your Registration Form we will send you payment information.

* We have professionally designed and Goiz approved Biomagnetism magnets and scanning shoes for purchase online https://biomagnetismtrainings.com/magnets

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, thanks!