1st Level Biomagnetism March 16-22, 2015
2nd Level Bioenergetics October 31-November 2nd, 2014.
Advance Biomagnetism training with Dr David Goiz MD November 3 - 4, 2014

Next 1st Level Biomagnetism Seminar March 16-22, 2015

We are very happy to announce that our next 1st Level Biomagnetism training on  March 16-22, 2015 with Dr David Goiz Martinez MD.
Dr Isaac Goiz Duran is retiring and he is not teaching or seeing patients.
The Seminar will be held at the Hilton Berkeley Marina Hotel, Berkeley, California. 
A special group rate of $139/night including a buffet breakfast will be available once you have registered and paid. ( we will send you a link to book your room at this rate).
This group rate is available till February 23rd, 2015 or earlier if block fills. 
This group rate is subject to change and hotel availability after cut off date.
The Seminar will be in Spanish with professional simultaneous translation into English
English speaking students will be using a headphone set and listening to the class in english. 
This seminar will be 7 days of training: 5 days of Theory and Training and 2 days of Practice, a full course meal for the first 5 days, 2 daily coffee breaks, a pair of magnets, a copy of the  "Biomagnetic Pair"  book by Dr Isaac Goiz and a Booklet in english and spanish with all the Scanning Points and Biomagnetic Pairs discovered up to date, plus other important information.

If paid in full by February 14: $1850
From February 15th: $2050
repeat students: $900
Cancelation policy:
If canceling before March 1st, $500
After March 1st, there will be no refund.

If you are interested in taking this training, please fill out this Application Form.
 For more information, regarding course content, transportation, requirements etc.. please scroll down this page, thanks!

For testimonials, pics, videos and more from our past Biomagnetism Seminars in the USA, please visit our website:  http://biomagnetismusaseminars.blogspot.com/


“I am very happy to be helping my father, Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, spread the practice of Biomagnetism.
In 1988, my father created and developed the use of Biomagnetic Pairs to balance the body. He has personally treated close to 500,000 people and amassed such expertise that his work has been described as “miraculous”. I studied Physics and Western Medicine to help further the understanding of Biomagnetism at the molecular, cellular and whole body levels. I am proud to contribute to my father's work by teaching courses with him and by using my education and experience to extend the boundaries of Biomagnetism. The course that I am are creating  will deepen the teachings of the actual working of the magnetic field in interaction with waters and soft tissues of the human body. People attending these courses will have the benefit from a deeper look at the use of Biomagnetic Pairs BMP's and the resulting clarity of understanding when placing magnets.
You are all welcome to attend these 3rd Generation Biomagnetism courses and trainings  to open the door to Biomagnetism or to refresh and advance your current Biomagnetism practice.”
Dr. David Goiz Martinez, born 1988 in Mexico City is the youngest child born to Dr. Issac Goiz Duran  and his wife Maria Elena Martinez. Dr. David Goiz was born three years after his father’s discovery of the Biomagnetic Pair and he grew up as his parents worked together to develop and promote the science, theory and technique we now know as Biomagnetism. This early exposure to the great benefits of Biomagnetism inspired him to expand the range of western science available to confirm the inner workings of Biomagnetism.
  • Earned a certificate of Biomagnetism from the University of Michoacan– College of Chemistry and Pharmacobiology in 2011
  • Earned an M.D. degree from Westhill University, Mexico City D.F. in 2012
  • Currently finishing a Graduate Program at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City D.F. in the fields of Physics and Mathematics.
  • He is also a great piano player
He is an unfailing example of good intentions and great effort applied to a technique that works. His teaching style is clear and detailed, offering his students the opportunity to join and grow with him while creating great benefit for others.

2014 Biomagnetism USA™ Seminars

               Biomagnetism: Interview w/ Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, english subtitles

Beware of the online Biomagnetism Courses, they are all illegal and a scam. I'm posting this as a request and a warning since some people have contacted me who have been scammed. These courses, if you look at their websites, do not have a contact name, address or number, you have no idea where to or whom you are sending the $$$. Some are even using Dr Isaac Goiz's name on their website to lure people into buying their products. They ask you to fill out a form and pay and they send you an outdated list of Biomagnetic Pairs which most of them are not even real. Once you pay, you can't track them down to get your money back, since you don't know who they are. They are illegal and they know Dr Isaac Goiz is starting to take these scammers to court. You can not learn Biomagnetism online. It's 6 days of class and practice. Would you go to an Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, doctor, massage therapist, etc...who has been trained by non certified teachers online?

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Background of and fundamentals of Biomagnetism
  • Difference between Biomagnetism and Magnetic Therapy
  • What is pH and what is its role in the body
  • Types of Biomagnetic Pairs
  • Biomagnetic Pairs, pathogens and organ dysfunction
  • Biomagnetic Pairs and disease
  • Preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic system
  • Electromagnetic Resonance
  • Synergies between the different pathogenic microorganisms
  • Magnetic poles
  • Therapeutic action of magnets
  • Types of magnets
  • How to determine the polarity of a magnet
  • Warnings about the use of magnets
  • Care of magnets
  • Horizontal and vertical pairs
  • Kinesiological phenomenon of hemibody shortening
  • Legal precautions
  • Clinical practice
  • Important practical details and examples, how to hold the patient’s feet, how to avoid diagnostic errors, etc
  • Tumor Factors
  • Healing Crisis
  • Precautions after the session
  • Duration of biomagnetism treatment
  • Problem of reinfection, reservoirs and complementary pairs: solutions
  • Cancer, AIDS, allergy and asthma, arthritis, hypertension, glandular dysfunction, hernia, diabetes and other diseases will be addressed.

Class requirements for 1st Level Biomagnetism training

Registration starts at 8 am on  Monday, March 16, 2015
Class ends  Sunday March 22  at 5:30pm
Remember to bring your class payment receipt.
Upon registration you can proceed to the class and take a seat. This seat will remain the same for the rest of the seminar.
Repeat students will be seated at the back of the class.

Class will be from 9am – 7pm, with a lunch break at 1:30pm -3pm and two half hour snack breaks at 11am and 5pm included in the training/class fees for the first 5 days.

You'll need to bring a note book and pen, since Dr. David Goiz MD will be dictating the class.

Upon completion of the 7th day of class a Biomagnetism Therapy Certificate will be issued by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran and  El Centro de Investigacion de Biomagnetismo Medico, S.C.in Mexico. 
A professional group class picture with Dr. David Goiz MD, will be also available for a fee upon request.

Dress code: This is a professional training, as such a professional attire is required, please no shorts, sweat pants, tank tops, tee-shirts, ragged jeans, sandals, Crocs or flip-flops.

Each attendant is responsible for making their own hotel reservations.

Basic knowledge of  Anatomy and Physiology is required in order to take this class and to practice Biomagnetism. I recommend the following books to study and review before the class, you can find them all in www.Amazon.com at a very good price, click on book name.

1- Atlas of the Human Body by Martin Vigue,
2- Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy!                           
3- Barron's Anatomy Flash Cards, 2nd Edition by Kurt Albertine Ph.D.


If you are driving please go here: 
Hilton Berkeley Marina Hotel in Berkeley, California

Closest airport is Oakland OAK, 16 miles. San Francisco Airport SFO is further 23 miles.
There is a complimentary free shuttle from Berkely Bart Station to the Hotel.

Bart will take you to Berkely Bart Station from either airport.

Bart Information: http://www.bart.gov/ You are going to the Berkeley Bart Station.

Bart Map: http://www.bart.gov/stations/index.aspx

From SFO you take Bart from the airport to North Berkeley or Downtown Berkeley Bart Station

From Oakland airport you will take a free bus to the Bart station in Oakland and then get on the train that goes to the North Berkeley or Downtown Berkeley Bart Station.
When you arrive at the  Bart station, call the Hotel, they will send a free shuttle to pick you up.

You can also get a SuperShuttle, Info: http://www.supershuttle.com/

188 and 173 International Biomagnetism Seminars, 2013 & 2012

188 International Biomagentism Seminar in Concord, California, May 13-18, 2013

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán w/ Helena Guerrero and Katharina Perez, organizers

151 International Biomagnetism Seminar, November 30- December 5, 2011, San Francisco, USA

Click on pics to enlarge

From Dr. Issac Goiz Duran last Seminar in the USA

                                                        From this past Seminar

This last  seminar was a great success, with 113 students that came from  all over the world: Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, France, Ireland, the Phillipines, Canada, Brazil, El Salvador and the US.
Our thanks to Mrs Joanne Quinn, Executive Director of FAIM, for participating and for FAIM´s  support of Biomagnetism.
Thanks to all of you  who came all the way to California, to be part of this historic event and made it happen, we could not have done it without you!
Special thanks to our wonderful assistants Angela Dueñas, Stephanie Richmond, Maria Morris,
Dr. Christine Klein and Angelica Amaral who really helped so much.
To Thomas Belisle, for copying more than a 100 DVD's for everyone to take home!
And  to our  fantastic translator Jesus Felipe, who did an excellent job, assisted by Maria Morris.
Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was very happy to be here, he loved the class and the people and he is coming back on October 2012.
We will post more details soon.

Students Testimonials 151 Medical Biomagnetism Seminar San Francisco, December 2011

Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán w/ Helena Guerrero and Katharina Perez, organizers

* THANK YOU SO MUCH ALONG WITH KATHARINA FOR HOSTING SUCH A GREAT COURSE. I MENTIONED TO YOU BOTH THAT I'd overheard a lady mentioned that she's attended a couple other courses of Biomagetism and this was the most organized she'd experienced. So please be content to learn this and there is a star beside your names...Cathy Pettinger, Canada.
* I would like to thank you so much for organizing this fantastic seminar. I was very happy to meet you in person and hope to see you again to the future. Aikaterini Lalaouni, Greece
* Thank you for your assistance this year and for arranging a wonderful course with Dr. Goiz.
I don't think a presentation by Dr. Goiz in the USA can be done any better than what you did. You did an excellent job and all the attendees know it.. Steve Labo, California,  USA.
* I wanted to express my Deep appreciation for bringing Dr Goiz and giving me and all of us the opportunity to help others and create happiness and health in the world. Taly Barr, California, USA
* Just wanted to Thank You for all your hard work in putting together the class.
I really enjoyed the class (lots of info). Please also thank all the ladies on my behalf for all their hard work and help.
Thank you and hope to see you again soon. ..Pearl Lariz, California, USA
* I hope you are getting some rest after last week's class. Great job on organizing, teaching, everything! Thank you! Srinika Narayan, California, USA
* Thanks again for organizing the great course with Dr. G. I had a great time and got a lot out of it. God bless you Bill Bowling, Florida, USA
* Muchas gracias por tomarse la tarea de organizar este curso. Me encantó y me ha ayudado mucho a mí mismo. Durante el curso, desde el primer día supe que era algo extraordinario. He estado practicando con éxito con familiares y amigos. Marco Santana, California, USA
* Helena, I was very glad to meet you in California, and I thank you for all your help. Please send Dr. Goiz my appreciation and my best regards. All the best to you too Helena and God Bless....Kitty Cooper, Philippines.
* I want to first thank you for your efforts in putting the event together. Dinora Harwood,Texas, USA
* I hope you have recovered from the seminar! That was intense. I am excited to start using the magnets and seeing results. Diane Tauvdin, Oregon, USA.
* Le escribo para felicitarle por la organizacion del curso de Biomagnetismo,y a la vez para desearle una Feliz Navidad y que el 2012 le colme de bendiciones. Jenny Ludena, California, USA
* I had a great time at the seminar! Thank you for all that you did to make it such a good event. Terri Salvatore, California, USA
* Thank you so much for a truly amazing seminar. I know it involved a huge effort on your part. MUCH APPRECIATION!!!! Gayle Carlisle, California, USA
* Thank you so much for hosting and holding such an incredible seminar! Linda Fritz, Oregon, USA.
* I wanted to personally thank you for working so hard to organize the seminar with Dr Goiz. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for being so generous with your time and heart. All my love and appreciation,  Kylee Desilets, Canada.
* Thank you for the great class. I learned so much. Kim Hudson, California, USA.
* I wanted to thank you for the great job you did putting on Level I training.  It was an awesome class .Cathy Ruelas, Virginia, USA.
* Como te va querida Helena, antes que nada quiero expresarte mi agradecimiento infinito por haber hecho realidad mi tan anhelado suenio de traer al Dr. Goiz a dar su seminario de entrenamiento a USA. mil gracias querida Helena, Me siento muy bendecida de haber compartido contigo, con Catarina, Stephanie, Jesus en fin con todos. Mil gracias y estoy lista para otro seminario del Dr. Goiz, me encantaria volver a repetir el curso. Lucia Penate, Oklahoma, USA