Miami, Florida 2020
Moises Goiz:
Biomagnetism Level 1 - September19-25
Biomagnetism Level 2/ Bioenergetics September 28-October 25

Dr. Miguel Ojeda MD
MicrobioEnergetics - October 5-9

San Francisco, California 2020
Moises Goiz:
Biomagnetism Level 1 - October 19-23
Biomagnetism Level 2/ Bioenergetics October - 26-29
Codica: October 31-November 1

2016 Biomagnetism Seminars

2nd Level Bioenergetics Seminar with Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD in San Francisco, California!

1st Level International Biomagnetism Seminar w/ Moises Goiz in San Francisco, California. Congratulations to all the wonderful Biomagnetism Therapists that graduated!