Miami, Florida 2020
Moises Goiz:
Biomagnetism Level 1 - June 15-19
Biomagnetism Level 2/ Bioenergetics June 22-25
NCODE - Group Therapy - June 27-28
CODICA/ NEURO - Biomagnetic Neuropsychology- June 27-30
Dr. David Goiz MD
Advanced Biomagnetism -June 8-12
Dr. Miguel Ojeda MD
MicrobioEnergetics - June 1-5

Virus, bacteria, parasites and fungus are not our enemies, but our main friends and allies. 
They help us balance our Body and Energy systems. 
If our body, mind and spirit are in balance, they are in balance.
 If we get imbalanced, we will activate some specific ones in order to help us bring consciousness to the issues, conflicts, imbalances affecting us
Through Biomagnetic Pair Therapy šŸ”“ ⚫️ we balance the terrain. 
Microbes don’t die, they get neutralized and because of this, symptoms and disease disappear as the Body  heals itself.
Only by balancing the terrain we can successfully treat all type of diseases, chronic, degenerative, bacterial and viral among many others.