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NCODE and NEURO Trainings November 2019 San Francisco area, California.

Moises Goiz a Psychologist and Architect, will be leading both courses, he designed this program and Neuro-healing modality after many years of research.

         Anyone is welcome to attend NCODE and NEURO Biomagnetic Neuropsychology !!!

NCODE is  a revolutionary and very effective Individualized Group Therapy, using the latest research and technology on achieving physical, psychological and emotional wellness. There are no pre - requisites to attend either of both events.
It is  the first step into the Biomagnetic Neuropsychology Therapist Certification = NEURO

NCODE  -Group Therapy - November 13-14, 2019 
If interested in attending, please fill out this Application Form, once received, we will send you the payment options.

The fee for this training is:
$500 for NCODE if paid by October 31
$600 from November 1-13
Fee must be paid in full in order to reserve your space.
Seating is limited to 20 attendees 
NCODE is a Psychological and Neurological therapeutic Group experience for people who are looking to improve and/ or change the way they react towards circumstances and situations in their lives, creating changes more in tune with their present life and desires.
For those already familiar with the benefits of Biomagnetic Neuropsychology, the NCODE experience will take them to the next level. The breakthroughs turn into group dynamics where they will be learning this therapeutic modality hands on, by practicing in the moment algorithms, pseudocoding, magnetic triangulation and many other techniques. Everyone attending will get the full benefits of this Therapeutic Healing modality.
Family members and friends are welcome to participate in the 2 days of NCODE and register (the cost is $500) and they will individually receive the benefits of this revolutionary healing modality.

*NCODE is also the first step into NEURO Biomagnetic Neuropsychology Certification

NCODE day 1 - is the first stage of the Group Therapy, everybody interested in experiencing and receiving this therapy can participate even if they are not interested in becoming Certified.
It is the first step towards the Biomagnetic Neuropsychology Therapist Certification. Includes the following Behavioral and Emotional scenarios: Love, Will, Goodness/Kindness, Empathy, Fear, Anger, Anticipation, Sadness. One day of class.
NCODE day 2- is the second stage. The Scenarios are Productivity and Complexes / Hang-ups: Responsibility, Maturity, Relativity, Uncertainty, Suffering and the new added concepts of Negotiation, Productivity, Assertiveness, Happiness. This two stages conclude the Group Therapy. It is also part 1 of the Certification Program. One day of class.

NEURO Biomagnetic Neuropsychology Training 
November 13-16, 2019

If interested in attending,  please fill out this Application Formonce received, we will send you the payment options.

The fee for this training is:

$1295 if paid in full by October 15- This fee includes the $500 NCODE fee.
$1395 from October 16- November 13
Repeat Students: $650  
Seating is limited to 40 attendees
Fee includes  4 days of Theory and Practice including the 2 days of NCODE Group Therapy, a Biomagnetic Neuropsychology Manual and material, free online support with Moises Goiz.  

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology = NEURO is a new and different branch of Medical Biomagnetism developed by Moises Goiz, a Psychologist and Biomagnetism Instructor and Therapist. It is an extraordinary original therapeutic system which studies the behaviour and mental processes of individuals in relation to their neuro-electrical processes. Involves the logical-mathematical reprogramming of our mental processes and it's neurological implementation through magnetism or electrobiomagnetism. It is a Neuropsychological technique that helps us restore our emotional and psychological well-being. It combines both Psychotherapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to indirectly manipulate the neuronal electricity, allowing us to correct certain cognitive process known as traumas. It utilizes virtual scenarios with spatial locations in which the subconscious assigns specific concepts, with the purpose of studying them through kinesiological tests that will detect conflicts which are hidden from our consciousness. Once they are found, the cerebral cortex is stimulated with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation EMT, while at the same time bringing forth the conscious and unconscious information, connecting them both, which will leave an electric blueprint in the brain that will correct the mental programming. 

We use 2 sets of cards, with one set we introduce psychological scenarios and with the other one we perform an unconscious scanning and interpretation. Then we proceed to impact with a magnet or a Magnetic Transcranial Stimulator, specially designed by Moises Goiz for this therapy, the points that are dormant and need stimulation, ending up with a review of their errors of perception that showed up and introducing new perceptions more in tune with the clients present life and desire for change.
The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is applied with small magnets and /or with a Biomagnetic Transcranial Stimulator specially designed by Moises Goiz for this Therapy.