Certified Online Biomagnetism Trainings
Moises Goiz:
Biomagnetism Level 1 - May 10-21, 2021
Biomagnetism Level 2/ Bioenergetics
April 26- May 6, 2021
Codica - April 12-23, 2021

Miami, Florida 2021
Dr. Miguel Ojeda MD

Codica Online Training April 12 to 23, 2021 with Moises Goiz


Moises Goiz is offering for the first time in English his revolutionary and very effective Codica training, with the latest technology and equipment.

Codica is a unique technique for resolving somatization of disease, emotional deficiencies and behavioral patterns.
By training as a Codica consultant, you will be able to help people reach their full potential by developing skills that will enable them to optimally handle their emotions and achieve the state of mind we all deserve.
You will be able to conduct your Codica consultations in person or online with the support of cutting-edge software and technology for the diagnosis and follow-up of your clients.

                                                                Codica video

Codica online training will take place  from April 12 to 23, 2021

The Fee is $995 

Register at the following link. RegistrationForm - Once received, we will send you payment information.

Fee includes:

1- Consultant's Manual. It is a complete step-by-step guide to the methodology for conducting a Códica session.

2- A Bone Conduction Headset *

3- Membership to the consultants directory. The course includes a one-year subscription to the directory of code consultants*.

4- Access to the diagnostic platform. You will have a user to make use of the platform to make a Códica diagnoses.

5- RMO Protocols. You will be allowed access to the tools to carry out the different reprogramming protocols.

6- Online ongoing support support through a Facebook private group page

* The Bone Conduction Headset will be mailed to you. 
We cover $20 of the shipping and handling charges. Due to different shipping costs in different parts of the world, any amount above $20 in shipping costs will be covered by the participant. 
*For memberships renovations and technical support contact info@moisesgoiz.com  

*** The training modality will be mixed. You will have 5 modules for a total of 30 pre- recorded lessons of about 15 minutes each, available for 3 months so you can watch them as many times as needed and 5 live sessions Masterclass via Zoom about 2 hours each in which Moisés Goiz will review the lessons you have previously watched on each video and answer all the questions and doubts you have. 
In case you cannot join us in the live sessions, they will be  RECORDED and available for  3 months to watch at your convenience.

 It is very important that you watch the online videos we will send you before each live session and that you attend or watch each live session before the next scheduled one.

The  ONLINE TRAINING  for Codica will consist of:

 5 online Live sessions = Masterclass with Moises Goiz
Each Live session is around 2 hours on the following dates: April 13, 15, 16, 21 and 23 at 10 am PST = California / 1pm EST Miami  / 6 pm Ireland time / 7 pm  Spain / 1 am Perth, Australia  (one day ahead difference) 
 A Zoom link will be sent to you before each session. If you are unable to attend the Live session, it will be recorded and available for you to watch  on the next day.

5 Training Modules  available at Moises Goiz website. You will be able to watch them at home at your own pace. There will be a set of videos in each module for you to watch at home. These videos will be available at Moises Goiz website for you to watch for the following 3 months after the training is completed.

For full details on this training, please download the attached  Codica Training Information Brochure

Once you have reviewed all the details, please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, thanks!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, thanks!