Our Next 2022 Trainings

Online Biomagnetism Proficiency Training Beginners Level 1 July 21-24 Biomagnetism Proficiency Training Beginners Level 1 - In Person September 8-11, 2022 Biomagnetism Proficiency Training Advanced Level 2 - In Person September 15-18, 2022 Miami, Florida

Live In - Person Biomagnetism Proficiency Training Beginners Level 1 - September 8-11, 2022 Miami, Florida


We are delighted and very excited to be back in beautiful Miami for another   In person Live Biomagnetism trainings!!!

We will have 4 full days of theory and practice! 

The instructor for the In Person / Live training is Helena Guerrero.

For Helena Guerrero Bio please click here or scroll down this page.

The training is open for all who would like to attend an In - Person Live  Biomagnetic Pair Training that includes both Theory and Practices  as taught and applied by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD. 

This Training includes more material, information and Biomagnetic Pairs that where not shared at  the previous online and in person trainings.                                                    

Lots of new research into our health, our body,  Covid and variants  Biomagnetic Pairs and Protocols to help with Covid vaccines side effects. 

If interested in attending,  please fill out this Registration Form 
Once we receive it we will send you payment information.
We recommend to reserve your space asap as space is limited to 20 attendees. 


$1595 if paid in full by August 8, 2022

$1695 from August 9, 2022

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation  requests received by or before August 31, 2022 will incur a $300 cancellation fee.

There will be no refunds if cancellation requests is received on or after September 1, 2022

There will be no refunds if cancellation requests are received  once the training has started.
All cancellations requests must be submitted in writing by email to: 
It may take 2-3 weeks to process the refund.

Fee includes: Certificate, Biomagnetism level 1 Manual, 1 pair of ceramic magnets, ongoing online support on private telegram Group.


Registration: Thursday September 8  at  8:30 am - 9am

Class: September 8-11  from 9am - 7pm

Lunch break: 1:30 - 2:30  pm

The Seminar will be held at the beautiful Mutiny Hotel in Miami, Florida  
2951 South Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida 33133
Closest airport is Miami International (MIA) which is 8 miles away 

Hotel Reservations
We have contracted a discounted rate with the  Mutiny Hotel
All suites  are equipped with their own living room, fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer.
One bedroom Superior Suite is $129 sleeps up to 4 people
One bedroom Deluxe Suite $159 sleeps up to 4
Rates are subject to $13% tax

Rate includes:
* Reduced valet Parking - $10 day - $20 overnight
* Complimentary Wi-Fi in guest rooms and hotel public places

There is a fresh food market within a block where you can purchase fresh local food as well as nice stores, cafes and restaurants.



"With over 35 years experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, I believe that a healthy body implies a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

This has led me to research and find the optimal healing modalities to nourish the body, mind and soul." 

Some of Helena's great  accomplishments and contributions to the worldwide awareness of The Biomagnetic Pair Therapy also known as Medical Biomagnetism are:

1- Worldwide diffusion of Biomagnetism by bringing awareness of the Biomagnetic Pair discovery and methodology to the public and Health Practitioners, specially English speaking communities and countries. 

Helena was the first and only successful organizer for Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD trainings in English in the USA. She organized Dr. Goiz's first International Biomagnetism training in English  in 2010, which led Biomagnetism to be known worldwide, specially in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and several European countries. Some Biomagnetism Therapists who took her trainings  are practicing also  in Africa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, India and Israel. 

2- -  She  had the privilege to  personally assist Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran in over 16  in-person trainings in the USA and Mexico.

She  introduced Dr. Isaac Goiz's sons David Goiz and  Moises Goiz into the USA and to the English speaking communities when she started organizing their training in California, Florida and Ireland.

In 2015 she also introduced  Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios MD when she started organizing his MicrobioEnergetics Training in California and Florida.

In 2017 she had the honor to participate in the exclusive first Biomagnetism and Veterinary Training  with Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD.

3- - Proudly, she has organized more than 40 official Biomagnetism courses in the USA from 2010 to this day, including the current online courses with Moises Goiz, advanced courses with Dr David Goiz and courses in Dublin, Ireland from 2018 to this day.

4- Helenas extensive clinical experience began 13 years ago when in 2009  she graduated at the CMBM Colegio Mexicano Biomagnetismo Medico- in Mexico and has since successfully and consistently helped  thousands of people regain their health and wellbeing during these past 12 years.

5- Due to her extensive research and experience she was able  discover  2 Biomagnetic Pairs that Dr. Isaac Goiz made Official Biomagnetic Pairs. 

First the Pair for Bartonella bacteria in 2011 and the Pair for Covid- 19 virus in February 2020.

Over the years, she has discovered many Biomagnetic pairs, recently some related to the Covid symptoms and to help with vaccine side effects. She will be sharing these Biomagnetic pairs at the training.


6-  She was  the first Biomagnetism training organizer to offer a Handbook/ Manual  of Biomagnetism to students  with a list of Biomagnetic Pairs  translated for the first time into English in 2011.

7- Helena  was the first organizer to introduce Biomagnetism practices at the Biomagnetism trainings from 2011 till today.

Biomagnetism practices  were non-existent at the time. These practices were offered and conducted by Helena Guerrero the following two days of the 5-day course.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD, authorized Helena Guerrero to be in charge and teach the 2 days of Biomagnetism practices to his students following his 5 days of Biomagnetism theoretical training in California from 2011 - 2016.

He also publicly acknowledged that she was ready to teach Biomagnetism as he stated in public that he gave his approval and authorization for Helena to teach the Biomagnetic Pair.

8- She started the first online support in 2011 until the present day for students who took the Biomagnetism courses, first in Yahoo Groups, later in Google Groups and now in Facebook. 

Up until then there was no support for the students after completing their training.

Helena Guerrero loves Biomagnetism. Her passion is to be able to reach as many people as possible who are interested in learning it, applying or just experiencing this revolutionary discovery.

Always following Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran's original teachings, which makes this Energy Therapy the most successful healing method available today.